The Banner Saga Kickstarter hits its goal in its second day; over $100K USD pledged

Great news for all RPG and strategy fans as Stoic’s Kickstarter for their upcoming RPG/RTS hybrid, The Banner Saga, has hit its goal in its second day. Over $100K USD are pledged and the project will be funded. Oh, and there are still 31 days to go. Awesome, right?
Stoic is a company that was formed by ex-BioWare members and The Banner Saga will be a role-playing/turn-based strategy hybrid game, that is wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings. In The Banner Saga, players will have to travel through stunning landscapes straight out of an animated film as their party escapes what could be the end of everything.
Battle painstakingly hand-animated foes in strategic, turn-based combat. Make decisions with real consequences in conversations with people you’ll actually care about.
According to the team, The Banner Saga is a mature game aimed at gamers who appreciate art, story and strategy. Stoic designed a game that, at its very minimum, would cost them $100,000 while still focusing on their top priorities – story and strategic combat – at the highest possible level of quality.
The Banner Saga is slated for a Summer 2012 release on the PC. Those interested can visit its Kickstarter page here.