Terraria 1.1 – Preview Video and New Details

Okay Terraria fans, we know that you’ve been waiting for some new details about the highly anticipated new 1.1 version of this 2D-Minecraft-clone. So, here is today a preview video that showcases the corrupt underground that will be in the 1.1 update. Additionally, you can find some new details that were emerged from this new footage inside the article. Enjoy!
From the following footage, we can safely say that Red Ore is really Adamantite, a new enemy type will be present and will be called Corruptors, while we can also see Clingers and Armored Skeletons, Deep Corruption will sport new music, Gold Sword is the “Excalibur”, there will be a Clockwork Assault Rifle, Gold Hammer is now “Pwnhammer”, Adamanite Glaive is in the game, there will be Mythril Repeater, Adamantite Chainsaw and Giant Bat.
Furthermore, a new hotkey for Torch/Glowstick will be available and Hallowed seeds will be dropping when you destroy the Demon Altars, while new ores are placed in your world. Adamantite Drill will be available and a new Grappling Hook will be featured.
Terraria 1.1 Preview: Deep Corruption