Terminator: Resistance supports mods and the first one is already available for download

Terminator: Resistance has just been released and it appears that it is fully moddable from the get-go. What this basically means is that modders can overhaul the game’s low-resolution textures. They can also replace the red lasers projectiles that the some Terminators fire with purple ones.

Now the first mod for Terminator: Resistance is a bit simple. This mod basically removes emission from side of M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle aka Endo Rifle. According to modder ‘WyRuZzaH’, this will make the game a bit more authentic than before.

Regarding modding for Terminator: Resistance, WyRuZzaH had this to say:

“Terminator: Resistance game is now officially moddable and this is first mod. We can actually create own .pak files (thanks to UnrealPak workflow by FluffyQuack) and game reads that .pak files flawlessly, so retextures can be done.. maybe even new models can be imported.”

Here is hoping that there will be enough modders to experiment and improve this latest Terminator game.

You can download this first mod for Terminator: Resistance from here. All you have to do in order to install it is copy pakchunk19-WindowsNoEditor.pak file to the game’s “Content\Paks\” folder.

Have fun!