Mass Effect 5 is in very early development

It looks like Bioware is working on another Mass Effect under Michael Gamble, who is a project director at Bioware. The game is in very early development, as Bioware is already working on the Dragon Age 4 and the recently announced overhauled Anthem.

Bioware went through a rough patch these last few years and unfortunately no patch was able to fix it. Nonetheless, even if their latest game is a complete disaster, they seem to be pushing forward.

Personally, I have very little faith in Bioware and EA in general. I think it might prove difficult for them to get back on their feet after Anthem. Maybe if Dragon Age 4 is actually great, because it’s been a while since we had an awesome epic RPG experience.

There is no information on the release date, since Bioware have not officially confirmed anything at this point.

Thanks Kotaku.