TBT: The Black Tower Is An Upcoming RPG, Inspired By Final Fantasy VII

TBT The Black Tower
We know that a lot of gamers want a remake of FF VII. Well, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, but there is still hope for something similar to it. Meet TBT: The Black Tower; an upcoming RPG game based on a Space Fantasy novel that is inspired by j-rpgs of the ps1 era (and to be more precise, FF VII).
TBT: The Black Tower is an indie RPG for PC and Mac. The game will feature a vast world to explore through various places that you reach from a Worldmap, with random encounters and turn-based battles.
TBT is basically the usual J-RPG with exploration, long story, quests, mini-games and turn-based battles : we liked most of these aspects in the original PS1 RPGs, and we want to respect them in our project too.
You play first as Yan Forte and start in the forest of Lutetie. You move the 3D model of the hero with your keyboard arrows on a 2D environment or on the 3D worldmap, and you can perform specific actions by pressing a key : open a chest, talk to someone, open menu, run/walk, etc.
When you travel in the environments of TBT, you will meet people if you are in a village or you will make random encounters with enemies. When that happens, the game loads an arena where your heroes will face one or several monsters. You will need to defeat them or escape before being able to continue your journey.
By now, you can easily notice the similarities between TBT: The Black Tower and Final Fantasy VII.
The team behind this new RPG has launched an IndieGoGo campaign, and aims to raise 328.440€ in the next 38 days.
TBT: The Black Tower is powered by the Unity engine, and you can view below a prototype video from it.