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System Shock Remake is most likely delayed until March 2023

It appears that System Shock Remake will be most likely delayed to March 2023. This comes straight from its official Steam store page which now lists this new release date.

Prime Matter was originally planning to release this game in 2022. However, it’s been almost a year since that announcement and we still don’t have an ETA on when the game will come out. And, since the Steam store page was updated a few hours ago, we can assume that the game will miss its 2022 release window.

System Shock is a remake of the beloved PC classic, and will be using Unreal Engine 4. The remake will feature updated mechanics, graphics, and enemy A.I.

Furthermore, and from what we know so far, System Shock Remake will take advantage of NVIDIA’s DLSS tech.

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Fight to death in the depths of space
  • Face off against the forces of a rogue AI gone mad
  • Improve your skills and adapt to take on your foes
  • Discover a non-linear story unfolding at your own pace
  • Jack into cyberspace to hack the system and open other routes
  • Innovative art style combines retro future design with modern technology

Stay tuned for more!