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System Shock 3 Teased By OtherSide Entertainment, Kickstarter Campaign Possibly Coming This Monday

System Shock fans, get ready for a treat. It appears that a new part based on this legendary game series will be announced this Monday. This won’t be a remake of older SS titles or a re-release. This will be the third part of the series, and will most probably get a Kickstarter campaign.

As we’ve already reported, Night Dive Studios currently holds all IP rights to System Shock. Our guess is that Night Dive Studios will let OtherSide Entertainment develop System Shock 3. After all, Night Dive Studios is currently busy with the Remake of System Shock 1.

Here is a link to Otherside’s official website – basically confirming System Shock 3 – and here is a countdown for its reveal.

Do note that OtherSide Entertainment is also working on a new Ultima Underworld game, Ultima Underworld Ascendant, that was successfully funded via Kickstarter back in February, 2015.

Stay tuned for more!