System Shock 2 feature

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will be using the KEX Engine, will have improved 3D models

Nightdive Studios has shared some new details about System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. According to the team, this remastered version will be using the KEX engine, the engine Nightdive used in pretty much all of its classic remasters.

In addition, the team has remade all the character and weapons models. Furthermore, it will include many of the mods that have become standard for many Shock 2 veterans.

This is obviously amazing news as the 3D models of the original game look really dated. We also hope that the team will also overhaul the game’s textures via AI techniques.

Nightdive Studios has also revealed that a new “final” demo will come out for System Shock Remake. This demo will be available for download once the game becomes available for pre-order, at the end of February.

Stay tuned for more!