System 3 has removed the Denuvo anti-tamper tech from Constructor

System 3 has announced that it has removed the Denuvo anti-tamper tech from Constructor. Constructor was released in 2017 and back then a number of players complained about the inclusion of this controversial anti-tamper tech. In order to please these gamers, the company has decided to remove it.

In Constructor, players take on the role of a budding property tycoon who must do battle with your competitors to create a thriving and profitable city in any way they see fit. Players can build houses and factories, cope with the incessant demands of their tenants as well as keeping a whole bunch of undesirable characters under control.

Alongside the removal of Denuvo, the game’s latest update has implemented an option to restart the current game as well as the ability to change HUD animation speed, adds toggle to invert mouse-wheel scrolling of the map, adds new particles for Psycho Chainsaw attack and Foreman takeover, and adds names to… cockroaches.

As always, Steam will auto-download this latest patch and you can find its complete changelog below.

Constructor Patch November 23rd Release Notes

  • Implemented option to restart the current game.
  • Implemented ability to change HUD animation speed.
  • Allow for continuous placement of the same property whilst shift is held allowing you to place multiple buildings of the same type without needing to go through the estate manager multiple times.
  • Workteams are now smarter and will automatically go between the inside and outside of a home to finish any room upgrades/fence that is in progress.
  • Workteams will now automatically enter a Gadget Factory if standing in the grounds, and there are currently gadgets waiting to be manufactured.
  • Added alert sound for “last conflict” notification.
  • Allow stepping through building lists using < and > keys. Useful to progress through tenant properties by one level at a time.
  • Players may now change the fences on Undesirable abodes depending on the type of undesirable. This will only be available if you have at least two choices of fence. The default fence will always be available regardless of whether you have unlocked it via the resources.
  • Players may now change the fence for their Headquarters.
  • Sheds placed in the grounds of a Gadget Factory provide additional storage for Gadgets (caps at four Sheds).
  • Sheds placed in the grounds of a Resource Yard provide additional storage for that particular resource (caps at four Sheds).
  • Added strength factor to fence display in UI – each star represents the number of hits one panel may take before being pulled down.
  • Save games can be confirmed using the mouse/controller on PC as opposed to just the keyboard.
  • Added toggle to invert mouse-wheel scrolling of the map.
  • New hint messages have been added to various areas of the game, and will trigger up to three times (not in the same game) after certain events. You may disable these by toggling “Hide Hints” in the Message Options.
  • Added View Previous Messages button to mission briefing display on subsequent visits.
  • Right-click on the time will now revert the game speed to normal speed if it was running at a faster speed.
  • Monuments such as the Liberty Statue, Washington Monument, and the System 3 Statue will provide a trickle of income based on how many tenants visit them.
  • Allow full control of game functions in pause mode.
  • Enable cloud synchronisation of saved games so that settings and saves are accessible across all user’s machines.
  • Implemented relinking of opponent lists when loading a game if any were corrupted, to resolve certain crashes.
  • Fixed instance where messages for overcrowded prisons would be displayed if prisoners were dropped off at the Housing Authority building.
  • Fixed memory leak caused by continuous loading of SFX that were not loaded at boot, as a result of changes to the SFX routine for the Switch.
  • Fixed logic for repeating messages within 30 days so that it works as expected.
  • Fixed wrong image capture being used if save was cancelled the next time you try to save, or visit a screen which uses the last image taken as a background.
  • Corrected RMB functionality where it no longer allowed right-clicking the resource icons on the left-hand side to zoom to the relevant building.
  • Corrected RMB functionality which stopped right-click cancelling out of placing external gadgets.
  • Fixed characters remaining in frozen state if hypnotised by Clown whilst Clown’s Arcade was destroyed.
  • Fixed instance where Mr Fixit being arrested as his ladder deployed conflicted with his arrested status.
  • Fixed Council Workers sometimes paving the wrong tile if they were interrupted during the tiling animation.
  • Fixed recoil animation for laser weapon not correctly resetting to character’s default animation in certain situations.
  • Corrected character videos playing more than once for newly created characters when video mode “Once” was selected.
  • AI will now reassign repairmen shortly after they are removed from an estate as a result of being knocked out – a companion change to go with the previous changes in this area.
  • Decreased delay of AI assignment routine for repairmen to 4 months down from 8.
  • AI no longer immediately build/rebuild their Police Station. It is instead put on a timer that scales inversely with the difficulty.
  • AI must have a resource of the correct type built in order to build more buildings.
  • AI will protect high priority building sites such as the now required resource yards more effectively.
  • AI defenders on building sites/completed sites will chase intruders a short distance.
  • AI must now have a functioning resource yard before they can continue building structures that require that resource.
  • Take-over hits for AI fences reduced by 1-2 depending on the fence type.
  • Made adjustments to SOS logic so that the Street Party + Gangster combination is not quite so effective, but is still a valid strategy against the AI.
  • AI repair logic now runs in two stages, and AI frequency for creating repairmen is dictated by difficulty. Easy – 120 days/repairman Normal – 120 days/repairman Hard – 60 days/repairman Original – 90 days/repairman
  • Auto-Save now runs in a separate thread and will no longer cause the game to hitch.
  • Spooky The Ghost is no longer able to block work sites.
  • Unlinked Police Station so that it no longer only unlocks when one of the original three level two houses is built to resolve an issue where only building DLC level two homes did not unlock it, and later caused it to disappear from the list until one of the original level two homes were built.
  • Removed Denuvo Anti-tamper.
  • New option menu “Config” for certain configuration options.
  • Cockroaches now have names.
  • Increased favours per gangster converted at HQ to 3 on Hard Difficulty.
  • Increased Prison capacity to 5 prisoners.
  • HQ button changed to display the colour of the team you are playing.
  • Adjusted font for character names to compensate for longer names.
  • Additional door-knock voices added for the following tenants (triggered by clicking on rival homes): * Slob * Greaser * Major
  • Clown molotov explosion now much more spectacular.
  • Improved flooded building destruction sequence.
  • Repair Kit no longer expires.
  • Added new particles for Psycho Chainsaw attack, and Foreman takeover.
  • Gangsters no longer target tenants that enter the grounds of Parks.
  • Ordering multiple internal gadgets no longer allows creation of multiple tenants to collect the gadgets. Instead, any internal gadgets beyond the first two ordered will be picked up in subsequent trips.
  • All buildings affect tenant stress. A green, happy face, will show above houses when the effect is positive (Parks, Schools etc). A red, unhappy face, will show above houses when the effect is negative (Prisons, Undesirables etc).
  • Lower level houses negatively impact the happiness of tenants in higher level houses. This is only a minor effect of -5 happiness per level of difference.
  • Added faint black outline to all characters to reduce blending in large groups.
  • Rebalanced Lounge effect so that positive stress modifiers are a little more pronounced.
  • Removed requirement of Deluxe Rooms in Beach House for final stage of Basic Job.
  • Story missions will unlock sequentially (if you have not previously completed them) but you need only attempt a mission to unlock the next one.
  • Story missions will now display the number of times the mission was attempted.
  • Emergency fence repair of undesirable abodes will only restore the original fence if it has not been completely replaced with either the destroyed fence panels or the takeover barriers.
  • Gangster weapons deal slightly reduced damage against HQs.
  • Added currently selected estate highlight when purchasing/viewing estates.
  • Added floating icon above buildings that are being picketed by a Hippy.
  • Various balancing functions added to make certain aspects of the AI/game relate to difficulty better. This includes:
    • Frequency of response to intruders on AI building sites
    • Earliest time the AI can build its Police Station
    • Earliest time it can rebuild its Police Station after it is destroyed
    • How likely it is to build on another team’s estate if “Build On
    Enemy Estates” is on
    • How often it will send its undesirables to harass another team
    • How often it builds undesirable abodes
    • How effectively it responds to a player’s Street Party when
    attempting to defend its HQ
    • How strong a player’s own characters are against other teams
    (only applies to easy(100% bonus dmg) and normal(50% bonus
    damage) which is intended to make things a tad easier for new
    • How many buildings a player can take over without the AI
    retaliating (only applies to easy(2)/normal(1))
    • How often the AI attempts to take over another team’s properties
    • How often the AI creates its own repairmen
  • Improved Wood Yard’s Tin Roof.
  • Dog Kennel no longer requires Brick Factory.