Survival Horror Games Entering A New Age – Will Benefit From Oculus Rift – Montas Gameplay Footage

I tell you this – Oculus Rift will definitely benefit indie horror survival games. Imagine that, playing Amnesia with Oculus Rift and moving your head (aka viewpoint), while viewing everything in 3D. Now that would be an amazing gaming experience, no? Think of it. Survival horror games rely so much on your environment. If you decide to play such a game in daylight, the game’s immersion and scare sequences will be ruined. But what if you were forced to play it in 3D with goggles that block the sunlight?
Well, we’ll find out what this feels when Montas gets released. Montas is an Oculus Rift compatible survival horror adventure game in development by Australian indie studio Organic Humans. Montas casts the player into a dark and mysterious world with little introduction and takes you on a ride full of intrigue and drama.
Montas is currently at Steam’s Greenlight, so be sure to support it if you’re interested in it.
You can also view below its first gameplay footage.
Montas Gameplay Trailer