Survarium – European Open Beta Phase Launched

Vostok Games has informed us about the launch of Survarium’s European Open Beta phase. Survarium currently supports two PVP modes (Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval) and in order to celebrate the launch of the game’s European Open Beta, Vostok Games released a new trailer showcasing the features available in the current version of Survarium.

Vostok Games made it crystal clear that it is still working on other features that will be coming to Survarium in the next couple of months (including a FreePlay mode).

As Vostok Games noted:

“The game is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German and Polish. In the near future we plan to localize the game into other European languages. We’d also like to note that the transition of the game to the stage of Open-Beta in Europe does not mean the end of project development; on the contrary, we plan to further develop Survarium and introduce lots of new features, including the long-awaited FreePlay (PvE) mode.”

Those interested can visit Survarium’s official website in order to download its Open Beta client.


Survarium European (PvP Mode) Open Beta Trailer