Supreme Ruler: Cold War Patch 7.2.1 Released

BattleGoat Studios and Paradox Interactive today announced the release of a new patch for Supreme Ruler: Cold War that brings numerous improvements and a brand new scenario to the grand strategy game. Supreme Ruler: Cold War’s patch 7.2.1 include the new scenario called Shadow of the Bear, more than 80 new Cold War events, 65 actual leader pictures, many new units, unit meshes, technology updates, significant game speed and AI improvements, new game features, interface improvements, and general fixes.
The patch is now available through auto update for all Supreme Ruler: Cold War owners via the game’s launcher and you can view its entire changelog bellow.
Supreme Ruler: Cold War Patch 7.2.1 Changelog:
– Links to helpful resources added to main menu
– Audio cue added for completion of research
– Map updated (Goa, Palestine, Guam, etc.)
– More than 60 new “leader” images added.
– More than 80 new events and many events updated.
– More than 30 new units added
– Region Capture now offers Colonize/Annex/Liberate
– Script for “Change Region Flag” event implemented
– Rule of Engagement system added, similar to SR2020
– Ability to set messages to receive based on priority level added.
– Colonies will support Parent regions in localized conflicts
– Parent regions will attack in defense of their colonies
– Proxy Wars Improved
– Overall Game Speed improvements
– Pathing and Destack code improved
– AI regions will pick sides when allies go to war.  No penalties for break.
– Aircraft inherit proxy from their last airbase
– Artillery will fire into proxy territory in most cases
– Fixed proxy bug affecting Mutual Defense without Alliance
– Multiplayer Sync improved
– Sync errors on building facilities fixed
– On Map Notices code now more robust
– Graphic effect added to newly arrived On Map Notices
– Notices in wrong categories fixed
– 3D models for cities optimized for “top down” view
– Tech Tree fixes and GUI cleaned up.
– Space Race progression fixed
– Numerous Map fixes
– Colonies clear treaties at independence
– Spotting type fixes
– Breaking treaties function fixed
– Sphere related values capped to not go out of range
– Various fixes on translated files
– Building button from hex inspection fixed
– Better GUI feedback for regions with no spies
– Unit Upgrade chain fixed
– Fixes related to building military facilities in a colony
– Corrections made to expense report data and total value formula
– Taxation and Social Spending interfaced minor clean up
– Region Orbats updated
– Various equipment data fixes
– Various relationship adjustments
– Unit Design trade rules fixed
– Research completion fixes
– Message functions to “no longer receive” and “pause on event” fixed
– Missing Composite Ore GUI pic fixed
– “No Units” option issues corrected
– Colonies can no longer win unification votes
– Air incursion effects rebalanced
– Changed Surrender factors, especially after government change
– Units without sufficient missile capacity will no longer go into strategic pool
– Fewer responses by allies to support wars in colonies
– Support for Military Buildup event
– Election dates reset when governments change to democracy
– AI will scrap and replace units when appropriate; Minister priorities (arms race/dec) also
– Unused units now more likely to go to reserve after inactivity
– Subs more likely to patrol
– Funding insurgency high fixed, values reported according to daily/annually setting
– Domestic Markup cap fixed
– Command units only spawned to units ‘inscenario’ when ‘limit in scenario’ set
– Human minister will now always reciprocate an AI region alliance break
– Fixed rubber-band select issue with On-Map-Notice hexes