SUPERHOT – First-person Time-bending Shooter – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The SUPERHOT Team announced today that SUPERHOT, the time-bending shooter from 2013’s 7DFPS challenge, is now on Kickstarter to fund a full-fledged release of the indie hit. As the team noted, in SUPERHOT, time moves only when you move.

“You are not hiding behind cover or resting for reloads. You are dodging through swarms of slow-motion bullets as they streak by your face, sprinting through explosions of glass, and improvising with the guns of fallen foes.”

SUPERHOT has been in development for eight months and will include a story-driven, single-player campaign with a wider range of enemies and weapons, brain-thumping explosions, an Infinite mode for the truly hardcore, and improved visuals that retain SUPERHOT’s distinctive style.

The SUPERHOT Team is seeking $100,000 (USD) to fund development. A sample of the potential rewards for backers includes beta access, t-shirts, soundtracks and artwork, and the ultra-rare and mysterious SUPERHOT Device.