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Super Meat Boy: Forever Revealed – Will Not Be An Endless Runner, Will Feature A Full Story

During PAX Prime, Team Meat revealed a new Super Meat Boy game that is being developed for Phones, Tablets and PC. This new Super Meat Boy game is titled Super Meat Boy: Forever, will feature a full story, 6 chapters, and double the bosses the original game featured, and will not be an endless runner as the latest rumors suggested (though it will feature an endless mode with online high scores and daily runs).

As Team Meat said about this new Super Meat Boy game:

“Our goal with SMB:F is to design a new full length platformer for touch devices from the ground up to avoid tacking bad controls on an existing design. we want to make something that embodies the original Super Meat Boy but is designed around a simple yet intuitive control scheme allowing for pin point accuracy and surprisingly deep controls without the use of multiple buttons/analog sticks.”

Super Meat Boy: Forever will feature a full fledged dark world featuring dark warp zones, bosses, new playable indie game characters and more, and will feature a vast randomly generated level structure that ensures a totally new play experience with each death.

On the other hand, Team Meat claimed that Super Meat Boy: Forever will not be a mere port of Super Meat Boy, will not use abusive $ tactics to drain your wallet and cheapen the game experience, and will not be a one button game.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!