Super Mario Sunburn, gameplay overhaul mod for Super Mario Sunshine, available for download

Super Mario Sunshine is a 3D Mario platform game that came out in 2002 on Nintendo Gamecube. And, earlier this month, modder ‘Epicwade123’ released a new version of his gameplay overhaul mod for it, Super Mario Sunburn.

Super Mario Sunburn introduces an open-world to Super Mario Sunshine, allowing players to free travel from stage to stage. Furthermore, it brings multiple missions, allowing players to collect shines out of order.

Additionally, Super Mario Sunburn adds around 30-60 coins to every stage. It also packs three new custom stages, blue coins in multiple acts, and the ability to collect shines without the game bringing you back to the hub.

Here are some more features for Super Mario Sunburn.

  • Custom win conditions: The 70 shines patch will unlock Corona Mountain after collecting 70 shines.
  • The Shadow Mario patch will unlock Corona Mountain after defeating Shadow Mario in all stages.
  • Various other features: Restored ciao audio clip, restored shadow mario health bar, hover nozzle can move on ceilings, cut scenes skipable

You can download the Super Mario Sunburn gameplay overhaul mod for Super Mario Sunshine from here. There is also an optional HD Texture Pack that you can download from here. Naturally, you’ll need a Nintendo Gamecube emulator in order to enjoy this mod. You can find an installation guide here.

Have fun!