Super Mario 64 header screenshot

Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX demo is now available, mashes up Super Mario 64 with Banjo-Kazooie

Modder ‘Trenavix’ was able to import a level from Banjo-Kazooie in Super Mario 64, and has released a demo of this project to everyone. Players can use emulators in order to experience this romhack which looks and feels pretty cool.

Now what’s really interesting here is that Trenavix has added monsters, coins and all of Mario’s abilities to this demo. This basically means that players can control Mario in this Banjo-Kazooie level, jump and run around, kill monsters and collect coins.

As the modder noted, this demo shows off what SM64Paint can do right now and the potential graphics Super Mario 64 can pull off. What’s even cooler is that if this demo ends up getting a lot of attention, Trenavix will consider continuing the hack in order to import more levels to it.

Those interested can download the Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX demo from here.

Have fun!

Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX Demo (Download)