Sundae Factory Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign For Platformer/Puzzler ‘Ecotone’

As you already know, we highly support indie devs. Sundae Factory informed us about the Steam Greenlight campaign they have launched yesterday, and we believe that some of you will be interested in this upcoming platformer/puzzler. Ecotone is a platform game with an evolving gameplay which allows brainwork and/or skill phases.
The game’s primary focus is to invite the gamer into a new kind of world, and features a unique, dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere. There are – in total – three different world, each containing 15 various levels.
As the indie team described:
“The specific characteristic of the game is that each gameplay level is different: speed chase, puzzle solving, reverses gravity system, stop time and more… Each level is based on a sentence. Each one of them allows the player to understand the story of the avatar. Sometimes, this sentence is the key to understanding the riddle and finish the level. To develop the gaming experience further, the gameplay brings the player and the avatar close together as they will have to solve the same enigma, thus obligating the player to find the solution in the real world.”
We should also note that there is a demo for you to try, so head over to its official website.
Trailer Ecotone Greenlight