Strike Suit Zero – New Update Adds A Cockpit View

Strike Suit Zero
Development studio, Born Ready Games, is thrilled to announce that Patch #3 for Strike Suit Zero is out this week. At Born Ready Games, the launch of a game is just the beginning. After listening to the dedicated community and completing some fine tuning, they have finished their work on the third patch for the game, which will bring some exciting new changes to Strike Suit Zero.
Here are some of the new features that are included with the latest update:
– Cockpit added – across all ships in the game, players can now switch between third person, and first-person cockpit view, really changing up the first person experience.
– Difficulty levels added – players can now choose from Easy, Normal and Hardcore difficulty settings to fit their style of play. Listening to feedback from the community, several of the difficulty spikes have also been removed.
– Checkpoint saves – players can now exit a level, and pick up at their last checkpoint
– Reworked targeting system – players can now cycle through a list of target priorities – Torpedo, Fighter craft, Corvette, Capital ship, Wreckage – giving more control to players in terms of their attack strategy.
Strike Suit Zero - Patch #3 Update