Street Fighter x Tekken PC suffers from the same, initial issues and bugs of the console versions

That’s hilarious. PC gamers have been waiting patiently for the PC version of SFxT and now that they have it, they can’t even enjoy it as Street Fighter x Tekken PC suffers from the same issues that were present in the console versions at their time of release. And although those issues have been fixed on the console versions, Capcom has not applied those fixes on the PC version that was delayed. This basically means that PC gamers will have to wait even more, especially if they want to enjoy the online mode of SFxT.
The biggest issue PC gamers will face is the ‘sounds glitching out’ issue, while playing online. Although these issues are due to the new netcode that was used in SFxT, the console versions got patched and those issues have been ironed to a degree. Unfortunately, the PC version was not patched in time so you’ll have to wait for a future patch.
 Not only that, but the console versions of Street Fighter x Tekken will receive a rebalance patch (with regards to the infinite combos of the game) in May 16th and there hasn’t been any word for the PC version. We hoped that those rebalances would be added to the PC as it was still under development but, as with the sound glitch, they have not been implemented.
For the time being, we’d advise PC fans to avoid getting SFxT. Yeah, we love PC fighting games but the same thing happened and with SSF4: AE and Capcom has not even released the 1.07 update for it (that was meant to be released a couple of month ago).
Stay tuned for more!