Street Fighter V – Capcom Punishes Some Rage Quitters, Problem Has Not Been 100% Resolved

Capcom has announced that it has punished roughly 30 rage quitters last week. In addition, Capcom announced that it will be punishing players on a weekly basis who have extremely high disconnect rates coupled with unrealistic win rates.

Now this is not a really ideal system or a permanent solution as the one used in Street Fighter IV. In Street Fighter IV, players were immediately getting punished as soon as they were rage quitting. Why Capcom has not implemented a similar system in Street Fighter V remains a mystery. In other words, players can still rage quit, but not as often as before.

As Capcom claimed:

“To be clear, we are only targeting the worst offenders in our system, so if you have had a few instances of being disconnected during a match, you have nothing to worry about. The players who fit the criteria of what we would call a “Rage Quitter” typically have an 80-90% disconnect rate and their accounts sit far outside of the norm as compared to the majority of other players.”

Capcom then went ahead and claimed that it does not currently have an exact ETA on a permanent solution.

Capcom concluded that it will have major news next week regarding the game modes that will be coming via Street Fighter V’s March update, as well as the additional bug fixes that will be included.