Storm: Frontline Nation is Now Available

Viva Media and Just A Game announced today the release of Storm: Frontline Nation. Storm: Frontline Nation is set in modern Europe and North Africa and skilfully combines strategy as well as tactical combat elements. Your goal is to secure military dominance and in order to achieve that, players will have at their disposal a strategic and a tactical mode.
The strategic mode includes researching weapon technologies, producing combat units, or the cunning use of diplomacy to bring an opponent to their knees. However in tactical mode, combat is conducted under the outside influences of changing weather and a day and night cycle.
The game also features a world-map that is consisted of over 500 regions and 100 cities, 20 customizable units, day/night-cycle effects and an extensive political system with multi-national negotiations.
Storm: Frontline Nation is priced at $29.99 and is available exclusively on the PC.
STORM -- Frontline Nation Trailer 1080p HD