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Steam Winter Sale 2020 has been launched, will last until January 5th

Valve has just launched its Steam Winter Sale 2020. This event will last until January 5th and will have a number of games at various discounts. Moreover, players will be able to vote in the Steam Awards, and each vote will earn you a Steam Festive Trading Card.

Unfortunately, Steam is currently down. This of course does not surprise us. After all, Steam goes down during the launch of each and every sale event. So yeah, expect it to be operational in the next few minutes.

Still, we were able to capture some of the deals. As we can see, Control Ultimate Edition comes with a 50% discount, whereas Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes with a 40% discount. Fall Guys also comes with a 20% discount.

Steam Winter Sale 2020-1

Death Stranding also comes with a 50% discount, and there is a 90% discount for Jurassic World Evolution. Not only that, but Borderlands 3 comes with a 67% discount.

Have fun!