Steam Weekend Deals – Deus Ex series 75% off, Sam & Max series 66% off

Steam has some really interesting weekend deals. All seasons of the Sam & Max series are 66% off during the Weekend Deal. Players can save even more when they purchase the Sam & Max Complete Pack. On the other hand, all Deus Ex titles come with a 75% off until Monday 10am Pacific Time, so be sure to act fast.
The entire Deus Ex Collection Pack is priced at only 13.74 euros and features all the DE titles (DE1, DE: Invisible War, DE: HR), as well as Human Revolution’s DLCs.
There is nothing more to say, as we strongly believe that both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are among the best PC games we’ve ever seen. Yes, Invisible War was not what we’ve hoped from a Deus Ex title, but it was still a good game.
Telltale’s Sam & Max episodes are part of an incredible adventure series, a series that has managed to revamp a long forgotten franchise.
As a bonus, enjoy – for one more time – the amazing mash-up between Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Ghost In The Shell!
Ghost in the Shell Human Revolution Trailer [1080p]