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Steam Survey – 17% Of Steam Users Running Win10, 52% Owning NVIDIA GPU, 63% Owning DX12 System

Steam’s August Hardware Survey has just been revealed and some really interesting details can be extracted from that survey. First and foremost, it appears that Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, is doing well. Around 17% of Steam users are running Windows 10 (64bit and 32bit). Windows 7 remains the most popular OS with almost 49%, while Windows 8.1 comes with 24%.


In other news, 52% of Steam users are using an NVIDIA GPU, while 27% are using an AMD/ATI GPU. This is really interesting news as 20% are using an Intel integrated GPU, showing that 2 out of 10 are not equipped with a really powerful GPU.

A lot has been said about DX12. And while there is no GPU at the moment that fully supports this new API, around 63% of Steam users own a DX12-capable system. Out of this percentage, only 17% can take advantage of it (as only them are running Windows 10).

When it comes to the CPUs, it’s pretty obvious that Intel is the big winner here. Around 75.55% of Steam users own an Intel CPU, while 24.45% own an AMD CPU.


What’s also interesting is that around 48.88% of Steam users own a dual-core CPU, while 43.86% own a quad-core CPU. This may explain why developers are mainly targeting quad-core CPUs. Yes, we’ve already got engines that scale well on more than six CPU cores, however there are not that many games that show noteworthy performance differences between a modern-day quad-core and an octa-core CPU.