Steam Sale Is A Go – Popcap, 2K Games, THQ, Ubisoft and 1C Strategy Collections

And here we go [The Dark Knight theme kicks in]. Dear ladies and gentlemen, get ready as Steam’s Sales has just began and today, you can choose – or get all of them – between Popcap’s, 2K Games’, THQ’s, Ubisoft’s and 1C Strategy’s collections. This is no joke, Steam Sale is a go so waste no time and visit the following links for the aforementioned collections. Be quick because these special offers will last for only one day.
Popcap Complete Collection – 50% Discount
2K Games Collection – 78% Discount
THQ Collection – 75% Discount
Ubisoft Collection – 50% Discount
1C Strategy Collection – 50% Discount
Telltale Collection – 61% Discount
Square Enix Collection – 78% Discount
You can also find:
Hunted The Demons Forge $11.99
Doom 3 $5.99
Brink $11.99
Deus Ex Game of the Year $2.79
Borderlands $9.99
Skyrim $39.99
Just Cause 2 $8.99
Deus Ex Human Revolution $7.49
Rage $17.99
Fallout New Vegas $11.99