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Steam Game Festival has been launched, offering a lot of free game demos

Valve has launched a new Steam Game Festival, offering a lot of free PC game demos. From today and until February 21st, PC gamers can find and download numerous indie game demos.

Some notable game demos are Gal*Gun Returns, Dark Dragonkin, Richard Garfield’s Roguebook and Sands of Aura.

Gal*Gun Returns is an ecchi rail-shooter. In this game, players will fight back with pheromones as girls throw themselves at them and try to find true love in less than a day.

Dark Dragonkin is an old-school RPG adventure in which the player alternates control a party of characters with unique abilities, guiding each of them one at a time to exit the level.

On the other hand, Richard Garfield’s Roguebook a roguelike deckbuilder with unique mechanics.

Lastly, Sands of Aura is an action RPG about a dark fantasy world covered in sand.

You can find all of the Steam Game Festival offers here. Below you can also find a screenshot, showcasing some of the free game demos.

Steam Game Festival Demos

Have fun!