Starfield feature-3

Starfield will get a DLSS 3 Mod, but it will be behind a Patreon wall

A lot of PC gamers were disappointed when AMD announced that it will be Starfield’s exclusive PC partner. You see, AMD has been blocking NVIDIA’s DLSS tech (which looks better than FSR) in a lot of its sponsored titles. And, as you’d expect, modder PureDark revealed that he will add support for DLSS 2/3 via a mod when the game launches.

Now the good news here is that PureDark will add support for DLSS 3 in a matter of days. After implementing DLSS 3 Frame Generation, the modder will also add support for DLSS 2.

The bad news is that this DLSS 3 Mod will be behind a Patreon wall. And I get it, the modder wants to be paid for his work. However, putting your mods behind a Patreon wall is as “anti-consumer” as AMD blocking a specific tech.

Some may say that you can subscribe just to get the mod and then unsubscribe. The thing is, though, that a new patch for Starfield may break support for the DLSS 3 Mod (so you’ll have to subscribe once again in order to get the newer version). So, instead of paying once, you’ll have to pay twice. Brilliant.

Let’s also not forget that PC gamers won’t wait for two months until they can get a free version of the DLSS 3 Mod. And, to be honest, we may not even see a free version of it. For instance, the DLSS 3 Mods for The Last of Us Part IJedi SurvivorElden Ring and Skyrim are still behind a Patreon wall.

In conclusion, this won’t be a great workaround for most PC gamers. And again, I get it. The modder has done a lot of work and wants compensation. However, I strongly believe that a Donation button would be more appropriate than a Patreon subscription. Or at least that’s my opinion. Thus, let’s hope that Bethesda will add support for both DLSS 2 and 3.

Starfield will release on September 6th.

Stay tuned for more!