Starbreeze’s CEO is not satisfied, but still happy with Syndicate; never played the game

Ah, Syndicate. A title with so much potential that turned into a generic FPS with ‘nuclear explosion-ish’ lighting effects. In fact, this is the most memorable thing about the FPS adaptation of the legendary strategy game. Ironically, Starbreeze’s CEO has not been satisfied with it too, although he then admitted that he was happy with what his company had managed to achieve.
Speaking in a small interview with Joystiq, Mikael Nermark, said that although he was happy with how things turned out, he has never been satisfied with any Starbreeze game. Not only that, but Mikael has never played any of the games that he has worked on.
So, let me ask you guys a simple question: how is it possible for someone to be happy about something that he has never played? I mean, seriously on papers something may sound awesome but you have to actually play the game and see whether or not it’s good. I’m really surprised by Mikael’s statement, as he should be – and that goes to pretty much every CEO – the one to first play the game and give his input or at least say if he’s happy with the game itself.
Mikael later on said that Syndicate brought to the table a truly co-operative mode and since Syndicate comes with a lot of expectations, noone would be able to ever live up to them. Well Mikael, actually there is someone and is called EIDOS Montreal. Deus Ex: Human Revolution came with even more expectations and the French team delivered. Surely, DE: HR had some issues but overall, it was a worth successor to the Deus Ex franchise.
I guess Starbreeze should take some lessons from EIDOS Montreal next time they try to jump on the bandwagon of the ‘classic game returning for the masses’ thing.