Star Wars Dark Forces

Star Wars: Dark Forces fan remake in Unreal Engine 4 from Obsidian Entertainment’s artist available for download

Back in February 2018, we shared some screenshots from an upcoming fan remake of Star Wars: Dark Forces in Unreal Engine 4. Created by Obsidian Entertainment’s senior environment artist, Jason Lewis, this remake aimed to recreate the first level from the game in Epic’s engine. And we are happy to report today that this map is available for download.

As with most fan remakes, this map does not feature any enemies and is just a map recreation. Still, the attention to detail is incredible and shows what a modern-day take on that classic shooter could have looked like.

Star Wars: Dark Forces is a first-person shooter that came out in 1995. The game used the Jedi Engine, which was developed specifically for the game. This engine added gameplay features to the first-person shooter genre which were uncommon at the time of release, including level designs with multiple floors and the ability to look up and down.

Those interested can download the fan remake from here. In case you are interested in it but don’t want to download it, you can find below a video showcasing it. We strongly suggest downloading it as soon as possible as Disney/EA may take it down in the next couple of weeks.


Someone is recreating Star Wars: Dark Forces... in Unreal Engine 4 (Free Download)