Star Wars: Battlefront – New Mod Aiming To Surpass “Toddyhancer” Mod In Terms Of Cinematic Feel

A new mod has surfaced a couple of days ago, aiming to surpass the┬áToddyhancer mod in terms of cinematic feeling. This mod, created by YouTube’s ‘Owen wilson2’ is based on Reshade and adds a bit of noise, tones the colors, sharpens the image and takes the brightness down a bit so that it can be more pleasant to the eyes.

The end result is really amazing and is as good as the Toddyhancer mod. In fact, this may be better as the mod is currently available and everyone can try it.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Below you can find some screenshots from it, as well as a number of videos.


Starwars Battlefront T mimic New tutorial

Starwars Battlefront T mimic update 4

Starwars Battlefront T mimic settings on The battle of Jakku