Star Wars: Battlefront III – Former Q&A Tester Shares New Details, Was Not Close To 99% Completion

Star Wars Battlefront III
Ah, we know that most of you will be cursing us. Why are you guys covering a title that was cancelled? Why, when you know that we wanted that title? But because we’ve got some new information about it, and we love retrospectives. In light of all those earlier SW:BF3 video leaks, a former Q&A tester decided to share some details about this scraped project on Reddit.
According to the tester, Star Wars: Battlefront III was never as close to completion as some people think. By now, most of you are already aware about that ‘99% completion’ thing, something that was suggested by Free Radical’s co-founder Steve Ellis. An anonymous ex-Free Radical employee back in December claimed that this statement was just bull****, and according to this former tester, the anonymous ex-Free Radical employee was right.
As the Q&A tester said:
“I’ve heard “99%” being thrown around but I would not go that far. One of the major modes of the game, Galactic Conquest was not exactly working and loads of the mini games were either in infancy or in placeholder states. The campaign was definitely on the way to completion though and quick match was pretty much totally playable.”
The Q&A tester has also confirmed that there were some racing mini-games, and that the maps were really huge (ground areas were coupled with the sky filled with ships and the starships in space).
Since Star Wars: Battlefront III was being developed for current-generation consoles, any studio can pick up from where Frictional Games left off. But how about a next-gen version you ask? Well, if a studio wanted to focus its development on next-gen platforms, they’d have to scrap all the code and only keep the assets.
The Q&A tester believed that the game would be a commercial success as Star Wars: Battlefront III was, even in it’s pre-alpha stage, ‘bloody brilliant to play.
But what was the most impressive/most memorable feature of Star Wars: Battlefront III? According to the tester, the controls on the Wii were fantastic and was one of the coolest things. As the tester claimed, the Wii version wasn’t HD and the graphics weren’t as good as those of the other versions, but it was the gameplay on the Wii that really made it stand out.
Let’s now hope that Disney will take advantage of the IP and do something with it.