Star Wars Battlefront 3 fan remake to be distributed for free on Steam

Frontwire Studios has announced that it has signed a distribution deal with Valve in order to release its Star Wars Battlefront 3 fan remake, Galaxy in Turmoil, for free on Steam. This comes as a big surprise given the fact that this remake will be using licensed assets/characters from Star Wars, something that may force Disney to shut it down.

As Frontwire’s president, Tony Fergie Romanelli, claimed:

“It is with great pleasure that as of today I am able to officially announce that Frontwire Studios has officially signed a distribution deal with Steam/Valve for the game Galaxy in Turmoil. After ongoing discussion between Valve Representatives and myself, Valve/Steam has agreed to ship Galaxy in Turmoil to it’s millions of users for FREE.”

Regarding a possible C&D letter, Romanelli said:

“On a final note; People have been expressed their concern as of late, saying they expect us to get a Cease & Desist from Disney. I’ll be honest – I’ve had mild concerns myself from time to time. However Valve clearly lacks that same concern. By agreeing to publish Galaxy in Turmoil, Valve is assisting us in growing and ensuring the longevity of the Galaxy in Turmoil project and community as a whole.”