Star Trek Online gets a massive update; black texture issues in DX11 mode fixed

Cryptic Studios has released a massive new patch for their sci-fi MMO, Star Trek Online. Star Trek Online turned two years old and Cryptic is still supporting it, and get ready because the changelog for this new patch is huge. Among other things, Cryptic has fixed the black texture issue that plagued the game’s DX11 mode and Silver Accounts can now trade bridge officers to Gold Accounts. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Star Trek Online Update Changelog:
* Updated text for the Excelsior T3 to read “Transwarp Computer” as opposed to “Transwarp Coil”.
* Eliminated many of the black texture problems displayed in DX11 mode.
* Increased the drop rate for Borg Tech on both versions of all STFs, Normal and Elite.
* Lowered the difficulty of all Elite STFs.
o Borg enemies have all dropped one level.
* Replicators are now usable on the ground.
* Spock’s congratulations and sparkly FX should play properly once again when a character ranks up.
* Silver Accounts can now trade bridge officers to Gold Accounts.
Duty Officers
* Adjusted Tribble Bounty assignment rewards.
* Updated a number of Dilithium rewards on critical and old rigging of outcomes for several assignment types including Review Colonial Applications, Emergency Supplies, Contain Outbreak, Colonial Botany and others.
* Improved most Prisoner-related assignments, both for trait application and general rewards.
* Increased rarity for repeatable Colonial support assignments and commensurate numerical rewards.
* Switched Scavenge Minefield Marauding assignment slotting requirement from Fabrication to Explosives speciality.
* A duty officer’s portrait now shows when the duty officer is active instead of the Active placeholder icon.
* Increased the availability of Lethean bridge officer assignments.
* Added damage immunity to the Kar’fi Phase Shift console to compensate for the fact that torpedoes fired before the Phase Shift was activated were still getting through.
* Warp Theorist active duty roster power will now extend the duration if it happens to proc while an existing Warp Theorist effect is still active.
* Updated some active duty roster powers that were causing multiple slottings of the same quality to not double or triple as appropriate the effect.
* Tuned Entertain duty officer assignment numerics.
* Bartender and Chef duty officers on your reserve roster now may, depending upon the species and quality of the duty officer, make available on your ship’s replicator additional food and drink types.
o Note that the Bartender or Chef cannot be on your active roster to function.
o A few food types that were formerly available on your ship’s replicator will now not be available without the appropriate Chef or Bartender.
* Photonic Studies will now affect Photonic Shockwave Torpedo.
* Warp Theorist will now correctly display a debuff when it is in effect.
* Clarified text for Transporter Officer.
* Modified Negotiate Prisoner Exchange duty officer assignment to take into account prisoner’s traits.
o Increased some numerical rewards for the assignment.
* Removed Isometric Charge and Magnometric consoles from the Deflector category.
o This means that they will no longer be affected by the Deflector duty officer’s active roster ability to proc a cooldown reduction.
o It also means they will no longer be on the same global cooldown as other deflector powers such as Gravity Well, meaning that overall you should be able to use them much more frequently.
* Reduced consumable assignment turrets’ cooldown from 10m to 5m.
* Duty officer active roster Technician power is no longer a proc.
o The amount the cooldown is reduced has been reduced to take this into account, but the effective uptime will be much higher.
* Duty officer active roster Conn power is no longer a proc.
o The amount the cooldown is reduced has been reduced to take this into account, but the effective uptime will be much higher.
* Duty officer active roster Maintenance power no longer pretends to affect Aux to SIF.
o Maintenance now affects all teams – Tactical and Science as well as Engineering.
o Purple Maintenance officers effect has been increased from 9s to 10s.
* Duty officer active roster shield inversion power available on some very rare duty officers will properly affect the Kar’fi Phase Shift.
* Clarified text for duty officer active roster Deflector Officer so it is clear what powers are affected.
* Clarified text for duty officer active roster Photonic Studies Officer so it is evident that it affects some of the new consoles as well.
* Engineering Shield HP and Shield Regeneration consoles are now Science consoles.
o If you have one of these slotted in an Engineering console slot, it may be moved into your overflow bag.
+ ?To access this bag, open your inventory and click on the Overflow button.
o Shield HP consoles now grant Skill directly.
* Bird-of-prey carrier pets no longer have their turrets and torpedoes disabled.
* NPCs and bridge officers should more reliably avoid hazards now.
* Rapid-fire weaponry should be slightly more effective against Borg Energy Adaptation powers.
* Resolved a typo in the trait “Resilient”.
* Removed an erroneous extra [Cap] bonus from the MACO Space Shield.
o This item is still far superior to other shields of its mark, but should not be seen as quite so overpowered.
* Jem’Hadar ground enemies have been updated.
o Removed Smoke Grenade and Overwatch from all Jem’Hadar.
o Removed or reduced the Control aspects of many of their powers.
o Houdini Mines are now slightly deadlier and have a faster recharge, but can now be destroyed by AoE abilities.
+ Houdini Mines will now survive the death of the NPC that summons them.
+ The visual appearance of Houdini mines has also been updated.
* Added a keyboard layout viewer.
o This is accessible via /keybinds and via a button in the Key Bind options window.
o The keyboard layout can be used to bind commands to specific keys.
o It will also show you which keys are already bound.
* The change instance button will no longer work if changing instances is disabled.
* Added the ability to resize the inventory window horizontally.
* The item notifications should no longer appear off screen unless there isn’t enough space for it on screen to begin with.
* The calendar will now remember its position & size.
* The Skill Up button will no longer appear unless you have at least 1000 skill points to spend.
* Updated the Thunderchild to display the perspective angle as the default view of the ship.
* Updated the Transwarp window to streamline the transwarp process.
* Updated the rewards window information about Bridge Officers and Duty Officers.
o Feds get their Initial cadre of Duty Officers at 8, and get packs at 11, 21, 31, and 41.
o Klingons get their initial cadre at 22, and get packs at 23, 27, 31, and 41.
o Feds get Bridge Officers at 5, 9, 15, 19, 25, 29, 35, 39, and 46.
o Klingons get Bridge Officers at 26, 29, 36, 40, and 46
* Added a button to the minimap area that allows access to the Dilithium store.