Star Citizen’s website crashed due to high demand, 4564 backers pledged $455,590 so far

Well, it was to be expected. A new PC exclusive space game from Chris Roberts that was accompanied with screenshots and an extended trailer, showcasing what the team could achieve with CryEngine 3? Who wouldn’t want to find out more about it? And as  you may have expected, the official website of Star Citizen was crashed due to its high demand.
Cloud Imperium has managed to get the core site back online, but the proper crowd funding page is still down. Still, the company has revealed a backup site that, while not having the full range of features they intended, can take people’s pledges:
“With this site we have to update the data manually as there is no way to easily collect the crowd funding statistics on a live basis, which is why you haven’t seen a counter on the backup site. We are working very hard to get the main crowd funding plug in to play nice with the rest of the site, so we can deliver the seamless experience we envisioned when opting to have the crowd funding integrated into the main community site. Don’t worry, no one has lost their golden ticket, and we will ensure that everyone who makes a pledge on the backup site is connected to their community account.”
Star Citizen was on track to break crowd funding records, but due to this outage, Cloud Imperium has lost the opportunity to break the first day record. So far, 4564 backers have pledged $455,590, which is remarkable since the website has been down for over thirty hours. Guess PC gaming is not dead after all, right?