Star Citizen’s crowdfunding has reached $141 million

There is no doubt that Star Citizen is the most successfully crowd-funded game of all time. Cloud Imperium has been constantly breaking records and the team has just hit its $140 million milestone.

In addition, Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts issued a new statement, in which he wished everyone a happy New Year, and revealed that the team will continue to modify and improve its game engine to better suit Star Citizen’s unique needs.

Star Citizen is now powered by Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine. Lumberyard is made up of proven technology from CryEngine, AWS, Twitch, and Double Helix. Basically, this is an updated/enhanced version of CRYENGINE.

Chris Roberts also claimed that the gameplay of Star Citizen will get deeper in 2017 as new systems come online to provide players the chance to do more than pew-pew.

Furthermore, Chris Roberts expects exciting advancements as Cloud Imperium integrates its revolutionary tech, like subsumption and procedural planets, into the game.