Star Citizen’s Arena Commander Available For Free Until September 5th

Cloud Imperium is offering Star Citizen’s Arena Commander mode for free until September 5th. This means that everyone will be able to download the latest playable version of Star Citizen and enjoy some dogfights, something that most of you will definitely welcome.

All you have to do is head over to Star Citizen’s Dragoncon 2014 promo page and use the code ‘DRAGONFLIGHT2K14’ in order to get access to the game and download the its¬†Arena Commander mode.

As Cloud Imperium said:

‘With this pass you will be able to download and install the game, walk around the Hangar Module and sit in an RSIAurora trainer ship that you can then take into flight in Arena Commander. Once activated the pass is valid until September 5 2014!’

Enjoy and kudos to our readers DirtyDan and Sikandar Ali for bringing this to our attention!

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