Star Citizen 3.0

Star Citizen is also having a free fly this weekend, allowing players to play the alpha 3.1

Cloud Imperium has announced that Star Citizen will receive a free fly this weekend. From April 13rd to April 16th, players will be able to download Star Citizen Alpha 3.1 and fly some of the most popular ships for free.

The download link is not yet available and will most probably go live later today You can download the free fly version from here.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.1 features a character customizer, allowing players to add a distinctive look to their in-game avatars by personalizing their physical appearance, as well as the Service Beacon feature, providing players the ability to send out distress calls which other players can detect and respond to.

While Cloud Imperium did not reveal which ships players will be able to fly, Alpha 3.1 introduced five new ships and vehicles, including Aegis’ heavy salvage ship, the Reclaimer, the Anvil Terrapin-Class exploration vessel, MISC’s dedicated long-distance racer, the Razor, the Nox Kue, a flashy variant of Aopoa’s popular open canopy speedster, and the Tumbril Cyclone, a capable all-terrain ground vehicle.