Star Citizen Features Really Detailed Ships – Scratches & Dents Remain, Materials Degrade Over Time

During this year’s Gamescom, Dualshockers had the chance to talk with Cloud Imperium’s Technical Designer, Dan Tracy, and revealed some interesting new information about this upcoming PC exclusive title. As Dan told Dualshockers, Star Citizen will pack ships that are made by 100,000 polygons, as well as really high detailed textures (4096×4096).

In addition, Dan revealed that all ships will receive damage that will stay over time. While players will be able to paint their ships to remove light scratches or completely replace parts of them in order to make them look as good as new ones, scratches and dents will build up as the materials degrade over time.

Star Citizen looks gorgeous, and below you can view a video with off-cam footage from the game’s Gamescom 2014 build.

Enjoy and kudos to Sikandar Ali for bringing this to our attention!

StarCitizen - Dan Tracy Talks About the M-50 and Tech - Gamescom 2014