Star Citizen Alpha 3.9 will have food, drink and temperature survival mechanics

Cloud Imperium has revealed that the next alpha version for Star Citizen, Version 3.9, will feature some new survival mechanics. According to the developers, Star Citizen Alpha 3.9 will add support for food, thirst and temperature.

Going into more details, both food and drink come in a range of shapes and sizes; from bottled water to energy drinks, and burritos to canned food. Furthermore, the variance won’t be just aesthetic. Each consumable staves off hunger or thirst by varying degrees, and can provide other benefits too.

Food & Drinks Details

In terms of how often you should be eating/drinking – the idea behind it was to make it long enough so that it was not intrusive to the gameplay – but short enough that at least you had to eat/drink once a play session (i.e. several hours).

Other players will be able to drop food and drink items they have stored in their commodity backpack for you to consume. Moreover, players can purchase food and drink consumables from all major landing locations.

In 3.9, players will only be able to store unopened food/drink items in their commodity backpack. Once the team implements proper physical item inventory, players will be able to store partially eaten/drunk consumables.

Lastly, players can die from hunger and they can die from thirst, independently of each other.

Temperature System

Regarding the Temperature system, the team is going to retroactively apply values to all existing clothes and armor. These ranges will allow you to survive in normal every day ‘Earth’ temperatures. For more extreme climates like Microtech you will need to use the more specialised environment suits.

Cloud Imperium also gave an example of the Temperature system. For instance, as you begin to suffer from a particular status (i.e. hypothermia, dehydration etc), you will start experiencing very small negative effects. Thus, you may experience increased stamina costs or slight blurry vision. This will then get progressively worse if you do not address it.

In case you’re wondering, essentially all space worthy suits including undersuits will be able to handle space. After all, that’s what they have been designed for.

As well as specialist armour for extremely cold environments, there will be specialist armour for extremely hot environments, allowing you to survive on the surface of a planet that would otherwise lead to hyperthermia, and eventually death. Both hot & cold armour types are releasing in 3.9.

Stay tuned for more!