Star Citizen Alpha 3.12

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 is available, adds new refinery gameplay, Capital Ship Combat AI and more

Cloud Imperium Games announced the launch of the latest Alpha update for Star Citizen. Available for all active and new Star Citizen pilots, the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.12: Assault on Stanton update introduces refinery gameplay, new ships, updated planetary environments, new space cloud tech, a multi-purpose handheld tractor beam tool, AI and combat optimizations, and a wide array of other additions and improvements based upon player feedback.

Additionally, the release of the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.12: Assault on Stanton update enables the highly anticipated server-wide Dynamic Events to take place in the ‘verse. Launched and managed in-game by the Star Citizen gameplay team, each server-wide mission event can vary in subject matter, challenge, and duration.

Cloud Imperium co-founder and Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts, said:

“As we close out 2020, we’re excited to add more gameplay and spectacle to Star Citizen with the introduction of refinery decks, new gas cloud tech, and visual improvements to Hurston, Daymar, and microTech. As the name implies, Alpha 3.12: Assault on Stanton also includes our first implementation of Dynamic Events, starting with an exciting server-wide scenario, pitting players against and alongside AI-controlled spacecraft and behemoth capital ships to defend Stanton system, as we continue in our goal to make Star Citizen a living universe. We’ll be turning on this first Dynamic Event over the holidays, and are planning more Dynamic Events in space and on planets in the year ahead.”

Below you can find the key features of Star Citizen – Alpha 3.12: Assault on Stanton Update.

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.12: Assault on Stanton Update Key Features

  • Refinery Gameplay: Miners and Traders can look forward to a new gameplay loop, extending career paths while further rounding out both professions. Players may now visit refinery decks at select space stations in Stanton and refine raw materials into more valuable and high-quality materials.
  • Improved AI and Capital Ship Security Response: Lawbreaking players that have ‘achieved’ the required CrimeStat will now have the UEE Navy to answer to, and it’s bringing the big guns. NPC weapon use and turret targeting have also been improved, making combat more realistic and engaging. Players are also receiving a combat boost thanks to torpedo and countermeasure reworks, making them more deadly and effective, respectively.
  • Gas Clouds in Space: The first iterations of Star Citizen’s Gas Cloud Tech can be experienced in voluminous clouds, typically found near rest stops at Lagrange points throughout the ‘verse. These beautiful points-of-interest are a particularly effective hiding spot for ships of any size.
  • New Ships: Esperia Talon and the Shrike Variant: The Talon is the perfect example of Tevarin spaceship-building. Designed to emphasize speed and maneuverability, the Talon excels at striking first and striking hard.
  • Tractor Beam for Multi-Tool: The new Tractor Beam attachment allows players to move objects, such as cargo. In zero gravity environments, the tractor beam also effectively works as a grappling hook to collect cargo, offering new and fun gameplay opportunities!
  • Planetary Improvements: The frozen vistas of microTech, Hurston’s endless plains, and the rocky environs of Daymar now benefit from higher-quality environments, increased topological variety, and new flora ready to be discovered.
  • Drake Dragonfly Referral Rewards: For a limited time starting with the release of Alpha 3.12, all backers will receive a free Drake Dragonfly Black loaner ship until Jan. 11, 2021. Furthermore, all players who refer new players into Star Citizen will keep their Dragonfly Black permanently with lifetime insurance included. The players referred into the game will also get to keep their Dragonfly Black with lifetime insurance!
  • Tobii Eye Tracking Support: Take flying and dogfighting in Star Citizen to the next level with the advanced precision and speed of Tobii eye tracking hardware. In order to take advantage of eye tracking support in Star Citizen, players must have the appropriate Tobii hardware, such as the Tobii Eye Tracker 5.


Star Citizen: Alpha 3.12 - Assault on Stanton