STALCRAFT X, a “Minecraft meets STALKER” free open-world game, just got a graphics overhaul

EXBO has released a new major update for its “Minecraft meets STALKER” free open-world game, STALCRAFT X. According to the devs, this update will improve the game’s graphics. And, to showcase this latest build, EXBO shared a new in-engine trailer that you can find below.

STALCRAFT: X is an MMOFPS with survival horror elements. The game combines an open world, RPG and a dynamic shooter component.

In STALCRAFT: X, players can hunt for artifacts (or for artifact hunters), explore locations and stashes. Some other PvP and PvE activities you can expect are trading science, banditry, and faction wars. Moreover, you will have your own vault to relax and prepare for new raids, which can be furnished with various furniture and useful crafting workbenches.

The latest update adds new northern locations, as well as northern factions storylines. Not only that but the devs have overhauled the game’s character movement system and 3rd-person animations. Besides aesthetic pleasures, the new animations allow you to better read the movements of enemies on the battlefield, and in general, significantly improve the basic game experience.

As for the graphical improvements, players can expect new gorgeous trees, beautiful models of vehicles, nice water and a new lighting system. There’s also a new weather system. Now it can rain at locations of different strengths. Thick or light fog can form, and clear days can be replaced by cloudy ones. Some weather events occur randomly, some are subject to certain cycles.

Since this is a free-to-play game, I suggest giving it a go. You can download it from this link.

Have fun!

STALCRAFT: X (2024) - Официальный Трейлер