Marvel's Avengers new feature

Square Enix will end support for Marvel’s Avengers on September 30th

Square Enix has just announced that it will end support for Marvel’s Avengers on September 30th, 2023. Furthermore, and according to the publisher, the game will receive its last content update, Update 2.8, on March 31st.

Square Enix has made it clear that even after official support ceases on September 30th, both single- and multi-player gameplay will continue to be available.

On March 31st, Square Enix will remove all of the game’s GaaS and MTX features. In other words, it will make all the game’s Marketplace, Challenge Card, and Shipment cosmetic content available to all players for free. Every single Outfit, Takedown, Emote, and Nameplate from the Marketplace, Challenge Cards, and Shipments will be free for all players from this date onwards if you own a copy of the game.

Lastly, Square Enix will de-list Marvel’s Avengers on September 30th.

This is yet another GaaS game that has failed to meet its initial goal. EIDOS Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and all the other studios that worked on it really struggled to provide new content for it. What’s more, the game was never THAT impressive (in terms of gameplay and combat).

Anyway, it will be interesting to see now whether all the big publishers will further invest in GaaS games. EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft and Square Enix saw numerous GaaS games fail. The only company that saw gains was Activision/Blizzard (like it or not, Diablo Immortal made a lot of money)!