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Square Enix is the first publisher that raises its PC prices to 80 euros

And we all saw that coming. When publishers started pushing for higher prices on current-gen consoles, we knew that this price hike would one day come to the PC. And, from the looks of it, Square Enix is the first publisher that has raised its PC prices to 80 euros.

FF7R price hike

As we can see, both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Forspoken will be priced at 79.99 euros. And yes, in case you’re wondering, that’s the standard version. For the Digital Deluxe Edition of Forspoken, you’ll have to pay 105 euros. Ouch.

Needless to say that we don’t agree with this price hike. I mean, look at the state of numerous PC releases. Halo Infinite has tech/optimization issues, as does Battlefield 2042 and ICARUS. Hell, Deathloop still feels choppy with framerates between 60-120fps (as I’ve already said, I don’t expect Arkane to fix this).

It’s also really strange witnessing the price hike on Final Fantasy 7 Remake. While Square Enix will port its current-gen version on PC, it deliberately delayed it over a year due to its exclusivity deal with Sony. Not only that, but it got the “sweet deal” from Epic Games to release it exclusively on its store. And yet, the publisher is STILL asking for 80 euros. At this point, this is just pure greed and nothing more. And make no mistake, more publishers will start raising their PC prices.

Lastly, we’ll be taking into consideration this price hike in our future PC Performance Analysis. If publishers want more money, they should sure as hell start offering highly optimized games on PC.