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Squad – Official Modding SDK is now available for download

Epic Games and Offworld Industries have announced the release of the official Squad SDK that is currently available at Unreal Engine’s official website . As the press release reads, the team has had a goal since the first days of this company to “Pay It Forward” and release a full SDK to the public to open up Squad to modding and assist the next generation of realism FPS modders bring about the next iteration of tactical teamwork based, paced and strategic FPS. 

Offworld Industries claimed that there are now over 200 active modders for Squad, based around joinsquad.com forum and Discord servers as social hubs, with substantial progress on maps being the first highlights shown off so far.

Offworld Industries will make vehicles available in late July, meaning that players can expect to see Humvees, militia technicals, Urals and M939 trucks, motorcycles, and maybe just some armored troop transports to start in Squad. Additional vehicles will be rolled out going forward now that the game engine can add them in a modular and moddable fashion. After substantially developing the codebase for first large scale combined arms vehicle based game in Unreal Engine 4, the Squad Development Team will be releasing Alpha v7 in late July with introduction of ground vehicles and anti-vehicle infantry weaponry.

New game modes will be introduced to open up the 4km x 4km maps to vehicle based warfare and the long awaited combined arms servers using top of the line hardware will be up and running.

Last but not least, Squad has also surpassed 200,000 copies sold just on Steam (thanks to Steam’s Summer Sale). Including the Kickstarter and Pre-Alpha backers, total sales are close to if not surpassing 225,000.