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Squad developers also ban Reshade, showcase how this tool can give advantage to cheaters

Following Bluehole’s example, Offworld Industries has also banned Reshade from its 50vs50 multiplayer first-person shooter, Squad. However, and contrary to Bluehole, Offworld Industries went one step further and explained why Reshade is not allowed and showcased how cheaters can exploit this tool.

From the looks of it, Reshade features a zoom hack that is based on a custom shader to implement the zooming logic. As such, and by using this hack, cheaters can have greater zooming in games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Squad. Not only that, but Reshade can also be used to adjust the color balance of the game, thus giving cheaters the ability to see clearer in dark places than regular players.

As such, Offworld Industries decided to ban Reshade from Squad. Those that have it installed will receive a message the next time they launch the game. In order to continue playing it, they’ll simply have to remove Reshade and restart the game.

We strongly suggest reading Offworld’s post about Reshade.