[SPOILER] Halo 4 Leaked One Month Before Release – Prologue Cinematic & Legendary Ending Revealed

Remember those gorgeous comments about PC gaming dying, DRM to be the only way to keep games safe, piracy is killing PC and blah blah blah? Well, X360’s upcoming hit, Halo 4, has just been leaked on various torrent sites as we speak, almost a month before release. But wait, there is more. This is not a mere rumored version but a real one, coming from a scene group. In other words, it’s as legit as it can get.
Not only that, but a number of users have uploaded a Cinematic Prologue CG video that appears when players launch the first time the campaign and can be viewed below, as well as the legendary bonus ending. Spoilers alert, so make sure not to watch it if you’re planning to play it on X360.
Naturally, DSOG is a PC gaming portal but this is huge news and proves that piracy is not a PC thing. Which is something you already knew, but it’s good to remind everyone about it. And that goes to our beloved publishers too. And as you may have guessed, we won’t share the scene group that has┬áleaked it.
A couple of months ago, there were rumors about Halo 4 hitting the PC. Those rumors were inaccurate though, as the suggested system requirements were obviously referred to X360’s accessories.