Splinter Cell: Extinction is a mind-blowing live action fan series; Prologue, Episode 1 & 2 are now available

Splinter Cell: Extinction is a fan series that immediately caught our attention. And we have some great news for all of you Sam Fisher fans, as the prologue and the first two episodes are now available and can be viewed below. Extinction is a fan made series created to celebrate the Splinter Cell franchise. It is not affiliated with Ubisoft and in no way represents their original work.
Corbin, a Third Echelon operative, infiltrates a hostile compound to detain a high-value target. But things don’t go as planned and soon, he’s in a fight for his life against the greatest threat he’s ever faced – his own agency.
Enjoy the prologue and the episodes that are courtesy of IGN.
Splinter Cell: Extinction - Prologue (Fan Series)

Ep. 1 - "Cleaning House" - Splinter Cell: Extinction [Fan Series]

Ep. 2 - "I'm Retired" - Splinter Cell: Extinction [Fan Series]