Spintires patch 1.3.3 adds dynamic weather, brand new audio system, brings graphical improvements & more

Oovee Game Studios has released a brand new patch for Spintires. According to the developers, patch 1.3.3 adds a dynamic weather system with various rates of downpours and howling winds that sweep across the harsh-lands.

Not only that, but the developers have renewed all of the game’s ground textures, improved  the game palette in order to offer a more realistic game rendering, reduced the Depth of field, Fog and Eye-adaption effects, improved day/night presets as well as the water surface tiles.

Oovee Games Studios has also added a free roam camera so that players can use the mouse and mouse wheel to move around, or the number pad arrows, overhauled the game’s audio system, improved headlights and light ray, and more.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Spintires Patch 1.3.3 Release Notes

Added / New Features

  • Dynamic rain with associated water refraction effects (iteration 1).
  • Dynamic wind with dust effects (iteration 1).
  • Engine sounds properly based on RPM, with engine fan and turbo.
  • Brand new engine audio for all trucks (except T700, more replacement engine audio to come later)
  • Added tire buzz sound.
  • Added steering pump sound.
  • Added engine hot cool-down ticking sound.
  • Added brake dragging sound.
  • Added brake squeal sound.
  • Brand new environment, ambient and interaction audio.
  • Added submerged exhaust particle effects
  • Weather effects moved to camera.
  • Weather effects now renders in the menu screen.
  • Water surface tile adjusted (less repetitive).
  • Added winch points to the sides of vehicles.
  • Faster file access (decreases loading times).
  • B-131 truck reinstated (used to be a certified mod).
  • New Localisation added for Portuguese Brazilian (a big thank you to Rodrigo Matsuura).
  • New B-130 truck model, including new attachments (flat bed, coupler, utility load, fuel load, logs).
  • Added localisation for new B-130 and renamed old B-130 to B-130 (old).
  • Added freeroam camera (F2 to activate, numberpad arrows or mousewheel to move, -/+ to go up and down).
  • Added stereo audio support.
  • Added reverb audio effects (minimalistic).
  • Added listener cone.
  • Added second iteration of vehicle audio system (including engine fan, twin-turbo system and engine onload and offload sounds).
  • Added second iteration of vehicle sounds (stereo)(recorded from YaMZ-238 V8 Diesel, KamAZ-740 V8, Kharkiv model V-2 V12, 2.1L Gaz 69, ZIL-375YA 7.0l V8 Petrol).
  • Added stereo ambient / interaction sounds.
  • Added basic PTO winch simulation (activating the winch strains the truck’s engine like powered contraints).
  • C-4320 truck reinstated (used to be a certified mod).
  • C-4320 white truck reinstated (used to be a certified mod).
  • Added localisation for C-4320.
  • B-130: Added a custom exhaust accessory.
  • Added new menu map.
Reinstated Features

  • Dynamic tire tracks and mud clumps
  • SSAO effects
  • Water push effects
  • Water dripping particle effects
Improvements / Adjustments

  • Game palette improved to offer a more realistic (warmer) game rendering.
  • All ground textures renewed.
  • Mud/water resistance and friction values adjusted to be closer to that of the original release (more challenging).
  • Camera zoom out range increased.
  • Camera auto zoom removed (except on stations).
  • Steering doesn’t turn the camera anymore.
  • Improved UI, menu and localisation.
  • Doubled winch length.
  • Depth-of-field reduced.
  • Fog reduced in most cases.
  • Improved headlights and light rays.
  • Reduced eye-adaption effects.
  • Improved damaged engine particle effects.
  • Improved gear ratios and general handling of all vehicles (except T700).
  • Improved day/night presets
  • Brighter night (moonlight)
  • Improved rock friction for better rock climbing
  • Increased mud, grass, and vegetation rendering distance.
  • Removed gear crunching unless engine damaged.
  • D 537 / 7310 gear ratios and general setup improved.
  • Game day palette adjusted to increase colours (more improvements later).
  • Overall truck volume range increased to from 12 meters to 14 meters (since camera now zooms further away).
  • Reduced ambient sound volume slightly + added new ambient sound variation without crows.
  • Weather now bias towards sunny days (as per community feedback).
  • Camera now doesn’t auto reset it’s position (as per community feedback).
  • Reduced eye-adaption when around street lights at night time (as per community feedback).
  • Small adjustments made to menu map (more improvements later).
  • Wheel mud clump size reduced and positions altered (as per community feedback).
  • Turn radius adjusted on all vehicles (more realistic).
  • Suspension tweaks and adjustments on all vehicles (with thanks to >Forces<).
  • Exhaust shakes whilst engine is revving.
  • Removed autozoom on entering stations (garages, lumber yards, fuel stations…).
  • Additional adjustments to game colour palette to increase colours.
  • Overall truck volume range decreased from 14 meters back to 12 meters since stereo sounds are easier to hear.
  • Game balance adjustments for B-130 log loads.
  • Copied new configurations from new B-130 to old B-130.
  • B-130: Increased “1+” gear ratio slightly.
  • B-130: Flat bed rear door now is now manually controlled to allow for loading logs without physics related glitches (default position open).
  • B-130: Repositioned “log spawn area” when log loads are dropped to prevent the logs falling from the back of the truck.
  • B-131: Minor tweaks to suspension settings (thanks to Unster).
  • C-255: Tweaks to cart position, suspension and steering angles (thanks to Unster).
  • C-4320: Tweaks to cart (thanks to Unster).
  • T-700: Tweaks to suspension (thanks to Unster).

  • Removed unobtainable achievement (trespasser)
  • Utility semi-trailer light was misplaced
  • +1 gear fixed for all vehicles (as per community feedback).
  • Rain sound no longer plays in menu, unless its raining in menu (as per community feedback).
  • Added missing localisation changes.
  • Rev one-shot sound now fades out when truck is no longer accelerating.
  • Sparsing error fixed in classes/waters/green.xml.
  • Mist/Dust now has soft contact with ground (no hard edge).
  • Falling leaves now disppear when hitting the ground, as to save performance.
  • Weather system particle amount reduced, as to save performance and to fix exhaust smoke disppearing.
  • DPIIndependentCursorSize and HandleCursorWithoutDirectX for disappearing cursor issues.
  • Fixed C-255 wheel rims
  • Fixed tire track filename to supporting modifications.
  • Fixed D-535 HP issues.
  • Fixed 496 performance issues.
  • Fixed “lines cross road” shader bug
  • Fixed B-130 “chained wheels” not loading (missing mesh file).
  • Fixed logs from being loaded ontop of ultility load and fuel loads on the B-130 truck.
  • Fixed engine audio silences when using K-700 and steering left to right whilst stationary (_low to _idle blending).
  • Fixed crashes caused by reverberation effect when audio sample rate was outside the 20kHz to 48kHz. For sample rates outside of this range, reverberation effect might get downsampled to 44kHz, 48kHz, or disabled, depending on compatibility.
  • B-130: Prevented “trailers” from being connected without a “5th wheel coupler”.
  • B-130: Prevented “trailers” from intersecing with the cabin.
  • B-130: Increased “load area” size to allow logs to be packed correctly.
  • Minor English localisation fixes.

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