Space Combat Game ‘Starlight Inception’ gets a Kickstarter Campaign

Jesus F’ing Christ, they are springing up like mushrooms. A couple of hours ago we informed you about Jane Jensen’s Kickstarter campaign and get ready because we have another one, this time from Garry Gaber that is best known for his work on the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds franchise.
Garry Gaber, the President and Chief Creative Officer of Escape Hatch Entertainment said:
“I’m really passionate about the space combat genre and am very excited to be putting together a game that is the natural descendant of beloved titles like Wing Commander and X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, but with a modern spin. We have a robust storyline, and different single player and multiplayer modes to keep players excited and enthralled.
Kickstarter allows us to go directly to the fans of this kind of game, deliver our message and get them involved in a way that was previously impossible through traditional publishing channels.”
Melissa Gaber, Vice President of Escape Hatch Entertainment added:
“Starlight Inception is a realistic free-roaming game that will have high quality voice actors, great sound, richly detailed art and an involving storyline. It will have great production value from beginning to end.”
In Starlight Inception, players will explore our star system a hundred years from tomorrow, where World War IV has erupted. Starlight Inception is a realistic and relevant 1st person / 3rd person free-roaming space combat experience. It has a unique blend of action with an involving storyline. Features include ship based combat both in space and on planets and moons, interplanetary exploration, and multiplayer dogfighting.
The game is planned for a Q3 2013 release and you can find its Kickstarter campaign here.