South Park: The Stick of Truth Will Not Require UPLAY, Won’t Be Delayed On The PC

Now I know that some of you hate UPLAY so here is some good news, especially if you are also fans of South Park. Obsidian Entertainment has revealed that South Park: The Stick of Truth will not require UPLAY. Hooray. When a fan asked whether the game will require UPLAY on Steam, Obsidian replied and said that UPLAY will not be featured.



Moreover – and as the Steam page suggest – the PC version will be released alongside its console counterparts, on March 6th.

Those who decide to pre-order the PC version will get the Ultimate Fellowship Content Pack for free. The Ultimate Fellowship Content Pack feautres:

  • Necromancer Sorcerer Costume: Bonus Fire Damage

  • Ranger Elf Costume: Bonus Weapon Damage

  • Rogue Assassin Costume: Bonus Gold

  • Holy Defender Costume: Bonus Defenses



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